Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Dream

Most of you know about my "Humans of Raleigh" project that I started a few months ago. For those that have not take a look at to check it out. :-)
But because of that project I found myself in Raleigh yesterday. It was Martin Luther King day and there was going to be a March in Raleigh. So packed up my camera and I went out to downtown Raleigh. And when I arrived people were already gathering up and there was some music playing.

I got to talk with some of the people that were participating. All had their own reasons to be there that morning. From justice for all, to helping the poor and giving back to the community. Then I also got to talk to this lady.

She told me that she was raised in Alabama and was one of the protesters in the sixties and she and all her friends got arrested for being on the bus. Those who have seen the movie "The Butler" recently might recall history a little better now. Today she was with her friend and they got a little emotional. Having done the military homecomings for OpLove before, I felt "that" feeling coming up again. "The-photographer-gets-emotional"-feeling. I do not always welcome that feeling when behind my camera, but when it pops up it is almost always unstoppable. The lady looked at me and she said it was hard. I put my camera down and walked towards her. Making a photo now, wouldn't be appropriate. We talked a bit and I said to her that I couldn't change history but asked her if it would be okay to give her a hug. She smiled. And we hugged. And while doing that I felt a tear running down my cheek. She thanked me and said every year after she had been on the March. Every year. And she was going to be doing that as long as she could.

"I am the dream."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some more....

Some more photos from Huntington Beach park, because there was more to be seen than the ospreys. Lots of Great Egrets for instance....

And a Belted Kingfisher

A Snowy Egret

Who got some fishing companion ship from an Ibis.

And that Ibis called his friends to join him. Because just minutes after him landing along the bank, a flock of Ibises landed right next to him.

The young White Ibis was making a splash.

And a smart Little Blue Heron joined them. But must have felt like the blue sheep of the family.

And separated himself quickly from the group.

Later that afternoon I walked for a bit on the beach. Which is beautiful. Lots of shore birds there.

Normally I am always accompanied by the dogs so I don't see shore birds sleeping that much.

But love the serenity they have over them when they do.

A bit of stretching going on after the power nap.

Besides sleeping shorebirds it was the first I ever saw a mushroom growing at the beach. Who knew?

Then I had to walk back a bit faster then planned. Because it was almost sunset time and wanted to watch that over the marshes. Had a feeling that would be a special place to do so. There are nice boardwalks over the marshes at Huntington and so I headed that way.

This seagull had the same idea as I did and decided to keep me company.

The little Blue Herons grouped up and flew to their overnight spot. And so did the White Ibises. Both in opposite directions....

And what a beautiful sunset over the marshes.....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fly by

Last week I went to South Carolina and visited Huntington Beach State Park. Huntington is right at the beach and offers great views over the marshes. With lots of waterfowl to be admired. When I just drove in to the park I was greeted by an osprey. So rushed to park the car and was rewarded by a fly by.....

And not by one, there must have been an osprey meeting going on, because at one point there were three of them flying right in front of me. So cool!

Don't know how to explain but it sure gave me a humble feeling to see them flying this close. It was low tide and definitely feeding time. Lucky me, to be there and witness it all.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fort Fisher, North Carolina

Last week I went to Fort Fisher in North Carolina. I usually go to the beach but this time I took a walk around the old fort and went in to see the exhibit which b.t.w. is free of entry.

The trees on the grounds are just fascinating. The wind has blown them all in the same direction.

The drama in them is just screaming to make pictures of.

This fence has dealt with its share of wind too I suppose.

These two came to check the photographer out and posed in the perfect light for a bit.  And I spotted a standard "Bird on a wire", near the parking. Which looked like it bowed when I made the picture. 

Besides all the history that was made around this place, it really is a great area to explore a bit and I so enjoyed the walk.

It already was later in the day so decided to watch the sunset from Battery Buchanan point. Right next to the Port Fisher/Southport Ferry. And it was just beautiful to see the sun go down there. Again the trees added the drama. Absolute perfect ending of a great day.

So serene and calm. Who would have thought an old fort could be like that.